Scattering of ashes at sea

Scattering of ashes at sea in Helsinki and Espoo

Scattering of ashes at sea is a beautiful and dignified way to say goodbye to a loved one

Scattering of ashes at sea is a beautiful way of burial that is highly valued these days. Scattering of ashes at sea is also a more affordable alternative to a traditional burial service, as there will for example be no grave maintenance costs. By the sea, it is always possible to take a moment of silence and remember the departed loved one. Our service for scattering ashes at sea operates in both Helsinki and Espoo areas.

The scattering of ashes at sea is done in a peaceful place next to Abrahaminluoto

We will travel to the place where the ashes are scattered, next to Abrahaminluoto, in a dignified manner past spectacular maritime sites. The scattering place is next to the outer islets, a few miles towards the sea from Suomenlinna.

During the scattering, the captain will steer the boat forward slowly or we will be anchored in place, taking the direction of the wind into account. The scattering is done by sprinkling the ash in the sea, or alternatively we also offer sinkable urns. A recommended and beautiful practice is to throw flowers or petals in the water.

Departure and return locations

The place of departure in Helsinki is the Katajanokka Casino (other departure locations can be agreed on for an additional fee). Käärmeluoto in Espoo is also a possible official place for scattering ashes at sea, for an additional fee of €100.

The price list for scattering ashes at sea

Vessels Number of people Basic price Extra ½ hour cruise
Antares Cabin Cruiser 1 - 7 person 350 € +150 €
Nordic Swan charter boat 4 - 20 person 900 € +250 €
Water bus 20 +++ On request On request

The price includes: VAT, a vessel at your disposal, an experienced crew, transfers, fuel, insurances etc.

Additional services

It is possible to arrange coffee-catering or dining on our vessels. We’ll be happy to tell you about the different options – contact us! You can find out more about the boats on the Boats page.

In addition to burial at sea, we can provide the following services:

  • Collection of the urn from Helsinki, €100
  • Flowers, €100
  • Video-filming and photos €150
  • A violin or song performance
  • Other services as agreed upon