Taxi boat services

A taxi boat with the best services

With the high-class vessels of Helsingin Venetaksi, sea journeys are done safely, comfortably, and also quickly when required.

The Antares Cabin Cruiser taxi boat is suitable for smaller groups of 1-7 customers. For larger groups of 1-35 customers, the Nordic Swan charter boat can be used. The vessel is extremely seaworthy and high-quality, fast when needed. Even large cargo loads can be taken onto the vessel’s aft deck when required. Our operating area is the entire Gulf of Finland and the Estonian coast.

Our skipper plans the route according to your wishes. Cruising or other services in fantastic maritime locations can also be combined with the trips.

The four cornerstones of our operations are style, skill, safety and punctuality, which our customers can always rely on. Contact us and let’s discuss how your sea journey should be carried out. You can find out more about our boats on the Boats page.

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