Nordic Swan Charter boat

The Nordic Swan charter boat represents Finnish boat-building skill at its best. It is built with high-class day cruises in mind and indeed the vessel has carried numerous VIPs in style.

On board the Nordic Swan you can enjoy the sumptuous taste experiences offered by the sea menus designed by Anssi Riihimäki, chef at Olo. The vessel has an alcohol licence and the wine list has been chosen with good taste.

The Nordic Swan is an extremely seaworthy and fast vessel. The lounge has seating for 16 people and there is also a separated private salon in the bow. The aft deck with teak furniture has room for up to 20 people. If required, the aft deck can be covered completely with a bright and weather-proof canopy.

N.B.! Due to the collapsible mast and the small draft of the vessel, we can cruise conveniently on the most beautiful routes, for example around Laajasalo.

Technical information

  • Length: 14.0 m
  • Number of people: max. 35
  • Motor: 2 x 650 hv diesel + water yets
  • Propulsion: Rolls Royce 
  • Travel speed: c. 25 knots

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